What is iCal and is it the same as a channel manager?

Digitelia also supports interfacing via iCal but at the same time you should be very careful with timely updating of your availability on all channels.

This does not happen with Digitelia's PMS, but with all the channels (booking.com, airbnb.com, etc.) since that is the iCal technology.

iCal is a file format that exchanges simple calendar data with a delay of up to 6 hours. Therefore there is no immediacy as in the case of using the Channel Manager. iCal does not transfer bookings to any PMS system. A PMS's iCal does not transfer prices, minimum stays and other data related to your vacation rental.

iCal is the weakest interface and could not be considered a true channel link.

If a Channel Manager advertises only iCal connectivity, don't even stand, ignore it! What this really means is that they have a weak, inefficient connection to channels and won't save you time as you'll still have to update your availability manually to be sure as well as update prices, minimum stays, etc. you will have to do it on each channel manually!

Still, iCal has its place. iCal allows for some additional connections beyond those not so common for accommodation channels exist on the internet. For example, Digitelia offers you to export iCals which can be imported into almost all channels, to less popular travel website calendars such as TripAdvisor.

Digitelia's channel manager is the best solution for IMMEDIATE 2-way connection by updating all channels and receiving all your reservations.

Read more about what a channel manager is.

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