Learn about 5 different categories of guests

How to attract them to your property?

It is a fact that most property owners, based on the statistics they have from their reservations, usually attract 2 to 3 categories of guests by default and not because they have targeted them.
If you are one of these owners, then, what you have to do is to categorize the visitors you wish to attract to your property and invest in marketing to this direction.

Let's see what the 5 categories of accommodation guests are and the ways you can attract them to your property.


1. Families

The guests of this category are seeking relaxation, fun and beautiful memories. The holiday season is a time they really look forward to as they are under pressure and stress all year round. Therefore, a few moments of peacefulness and fun in a beautiful environment are ideal for them.

Something you have to keep in mind is that families and especially those with young children often take advantage of off-season travels, which will lead to more off-season bookings. Of course, even though families are looking for ways to escape from the routine of everyday life, they still want to feel "at home".

Ways you can attract families to your property:

A) You can place an activity book in the area as a warm welcome. This gesture will show that you care about your guests and you are doing your best to make sure that they will have a great family time.

B) Also, you can add board games for the whole family, as well as toys for younger children such as Lego, in order to have a creative and enjoyable time.

C) Finally, you can add to your property books, a good sound system to enjoy music, and bicycles for rides in the surrounding area.


2. Business travelers

The guests of this category are usually demanding as they frequently travel for work. The reservations they make for accommodation are usually between Monday and Friday and not weekends.

Ways you can attract business travelers to your property:

A) Instead of having a simple internet connection in your property that provides the basics for your guests, you can increase the internet speed by using fiber optics. It is a feature that is offered by all internet and telecommunication providers. Thus, you will make it easy for business travelers and will be a significant reason for them to prefer you.

B) Also, business travelers prefer fast and easy check-in and check-out procedures, while they highly appreciate self-check-in. So, if you simplify these procedures, it will definitely work in your favor.

C) You can inform your guests through your accommodation advertisements about the distance of your property from the convention centers of the city. This is definitely something that will be of interest to those who travel for conferences, meetings, etc.

D) When it comes to the accommodation of business travelers, there are some amenities that they really need such as a full-length mirror, an iron, a steam cleaner, and coat hangers. If you provide these amenities, this will be another reason for them to choose your property for their stay.

E) Finally, you can collaborate with a professional driver to offer transport services to your guests wherever they wish.


3. Groups of individuals

This category of guests usually includes friends. We are talking about a group of people in which there are many different personalities, and you are called upon to take care of everyone's requirements. For example, some of them may wish to explore parties, while others may wish to go for walks to know better the surrounding area. Whatever their wishes may be, you will have to respond so that they have a good time and visit your property again.

Ways you can attract groups of people to your property:

A) You can offer them information leaflets about the attractions of the area, public transport routes, and directions for the nearby restaurants and bars where they can enjoy their food, coffee, or drink.

B) Also, you can provide them with discount vouchers for the local supermarkets and restaurants as long as you have agreed this with their owners. This is a win-win partnership, as you will have repeated visitors and local business professionals will have customers.

C) Finally, you can add bicycles to your property for rides in the surrounding area.


4. Pensioners

Guests of this category are older people who, after many years of work, aim to stay active and enjoy their retirement. Pensioners place high demands on the proper explanation of the operation of the various devices in the property, but they are also demanding with the options they are given in order to have a great time in this particular place.

Ways you can attract retirees to your property:

A) Since we are talking about elderly people, you can photocopy the operating instructions of all the appliances in your property and have them available to study in case they want to use any of them during their stay.

B) Also, you can add some brochures to your property informing your guests about the opening hours of local supermarkets, transportation (prices, times etc.), taxi phone numbers that they can call, and places where they can rent a car.

C) Finally, you can suggest places for them to explore, a little further from the surrounding area.


5. Travelers for event participation

The guests of this category are characterized by joy and enthusiasm. The reason for their trip may be a concert, a wedding, a festival, or a sports tournament. Whatever the event may be, surely your guests have been looking forward to it for months. Therefore, you should try to keep their excitement about their stay so that they have an overall nice experience.

Ways you can attract travelers for event participation to your property:

A) You can mention to your accommodation advertisements all the events that are organized in your area, as well as the way someone can attend.

B) Also, you can add leaflets informing your guests about the transportation (prices, times, etc.), telephone numbers of taxis they can call, and places where they can rent a car.

C) Finally, you can collaborate with a professional driver to offer transport services to your guests wherever they wish.



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